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Verdaant Orgadoor Pvt. Ltd.” with a registered trademark “Orgadoor” with the slogan Nurture Nature...... Serve Society

Orgadoor”, your partner in creating vibrant, green spaces and nurturing the beauty of nature. Our organization has been dedicated to redefining outdoor environments, developing a deeper connection to nature, and providing a range of services to elevate your landscaping and gardening experiences.

Orgadoor” is a service provider that helps infrastructure developers elevate their offices outdoors by creating vigorous, green spaces. With “Orgadoor”, you can transform your office space into a beautiful and serene environment that will keep you and your team more productive and inspired. Moreover, it elevates positivity, eliminates negativity in the workspace, and rejuvenates the workplace.

Our Mission

Our journey began in 2018 when a passionate team of landscaping and gardening enthusiasts came together to embark on a mission to transform outdoor spaces, enhance indoor environments, and create lush, harmonious landscapes that stand the test of time. With a mission of building a good environment in our surroundings, Verdaant Orgadoor Pvt. Ltd. with their trademark “Orgadoor” stands for reducing undesirable pollutants through technology intervention and natural products.

Services Offered

  • Landscaping & Gardening
  • Restoration & Beautification
  • Vertical Gardening
  • Institutional Gardening
  • Door Step Delivery of Green Gifts
  • Door Step Delivery of Indoor and Ornamental Plants
  • Plants and Planters
  • Supply of Organic Compost
  • Maintainance of Greenscape
  • Supply of Tools and Equipment for Garden Maintainance